Saturday, March 21, 2020

COVID-19 Quarantine: Travel Thoughts

As we sit here teaching from home and practicing #socialdistancing to protect ourselves & others, I'm sad that plans have already been cancelled for a student trip in May while also wondering about two summer teacher programs I've been accepted to & already submitted a deposit to both.

It was REALLY saddening on March 6th when I had to send an email cancelling (or so we thought at that time) our 8th grade Academic Team trip to Chicago for NAQT Middle School Nationals. This is an invitation only for teams based on placement in "NAQT Qualifier" tournaments. This is something the 8th graders have worked hard for and looked forward to, so it was a huge disappointment to some of them.

My plans for summer teacher travel PD are on "hold" for now.....even with $250 in deposits I've made between the two programs.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Off to Chicago!

As I write this I'm on a plane with the LMMS 8th grade Academic Team headed to the National Academic Quiz Tournament's (NAQT) National
Middle School Championship Tournament in Chicago. Accompanying me are five brilliant students and several parents. Meeting us there are two more team members.
Today is April 26th. Up until the night of March 18th we didn't even know any sort of national tournament existed. This team, a uniquely gifted & well-rounded crew of seven 8th graders, unknowingly qualified for this opportunity because of their high ranking at the Georgia Middle School Championship. In short, this is a closed tournament with a capped number of teams with teams having to qualify to even be invited.
Finding out about & planning (much less funding) an experience of this enormity in less than 45 days is quite a feat; but here we are!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back to Blogging in Savannah

I am currently in Savannah, Georgia at a system-level coordinators conference for the Georgia Council on Economic Education. My intent was to keep blogging upon returning from Ukraine, but honestly it was totally overwhelming when I returned to school with only 17 days (plus two 1/2 days) remaining in the school year. I hope to get this back going while I'm here and have at least two entries I hope to type tonight.

I've traveled to almost every US state and extensively in the Caribbean & Europe. But, the irony is that I've never really "been" to Savannah. It was always one of those places my parents went to for county commissioners conventions when I was growing up. I did come one time when I was really little, but all I remember is the front of the house of the mother of the woman we were with and being inside some no-frills, very famous seafood house. Then a year or so after finishing college I came to a one night annual meeting in which Lee & I arrived after dark and headed home as soon as the meeting was over Saturday.

We walked down the River Street to the Savannah Candy Kitchen last night and are going walking again soon before meeting a group for dinner this evening. The street was quaint but not what I expected. Of course, I'm not really sure what I did expect.

I'm not driving, but I'm going to ask my travel companions if we can at least drive by Juliette Gordon Lowe's home before leaving tomorrow. To say I've been here, that is one thing I certainly must do.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

TGC Capstone: Work in progress

This capstone project will not be complete until late September. It is a work in progress. However, I am posting it here for access during my session at the TLC (Teachers Leading Cobb) Summer Institute.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Curriculum Connections

Notice the date that this "grocery store" chain was founded!

Ladies' hosiery section in a chain in a store about 1/5 the size of our typical CVS, Walgreen's, or Rite-Aid:

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Location:Odessa, Ukraine

A Global Fight: Childhood Cancer

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Ukrainian Food

This post will grow over the coming days as I add more pictures of foods I tried AND then as I go back to identify/explain what each is. This will take a little time with translations, identification, etc. ;-)

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Location:Kyiv & Odessa, Ukraine